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Your ballet inspired online fitness studio.

Take your dancing to the next level!
Workouts choreographed with the flow and expertise of a real Ballet dancer. A perfect balance of toning, lengthening and strengthening in every class.


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Move and breathe with me anytime, anywhere - on your schedule.


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Workout classes for that elegant dancer bod? LIKE NO OTHER. BalleX is a purely unique way of training that creates no bulk and all the long muscle. Re shape and define your body all while gaining self confidence and awareness.



I am a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. For over 17 years I  have toured the world performing and teaching dance and conditioning. In 2012 I became a certified yoga sculpt instructor and taught all over the midwest. Bringing my passions of dance and fitness under one roof is BalleX.

From my personal experiences to all the knowledge I have gained, I put my heart and soul into these classes. I continue to travel all over the U.S. choreographing for TV, Stage and Companies, and now also sharing my BalleX classes. The fitness program that fills your soul,  tones your body, and completely strengthens you inside and out.
xo Hanna
FOUNDER, BalleX with Hanna


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